Moving Tips

For the best organization of your move, we offer a list of advices:

• When you prepare your boxes, make sure you fill the empty spaces.

• Use bubble paper instead of regular paper for crystal items and fragile dishes.

• Use small boxes for your books and heavy items.

• All your boxes must be well closed and identified.

• Do not try to stack the boxes too much to facilitate transport for the movers.

• It is better to empty your drawers and not leave fragile objects in it, such as (perfumes, jewelry, make-up, etc.) or valuable items such as (money, diplomas, passports, etc.).

• If you are going to take care of dismantling your furniture, do it the day before.

• Report to movers any unusual, fragile, damaged furniture before handling it.

• Unplug your appliances previously.

• Free up the access space of your residence.

• Any transport of explosive products such as (fireworks or fire extinguisher, etc.), or any flammable products such as (petrol or paint, etc.) is completely prohibited.

• For the transport of any engines, motorcycle, BBQ, the item must be emptied of any kind of liquid (oil, gas, petrol, etc …).

• For extra caution, transport your plants and animals by yourself.

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