Here are the questions often asked by our customers

Will the movers give us the wardrobe boxes as soon as they arrive?


As soon as they arrive at your address, the movers will give you the wardrobe boxes.

Should we empty our dresser drawers?


It’s better that you empty the drawers to make the furniture easier to move.

Could we unplug our appliances on the same day of the move?


For the washer and dryer, we advise you to unplug them the day before your move. However for the fridge, it is better to unplug it the same day of your move to keep its contents.

Are there extra charges for dismantling and reassembling furniture?


Our movers are able to dismantle and reassemble furniture’s like tables, beds, cupboards, with no additional cost.

Do we need to book the elevator and truck parking before the move?


We ask for all our customers to reserve the elevator to make the move easy.

Parking is the responsibility of the customer, if there is any restrictions to park, please get a permit parking permit from the city.

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